For added adjustability, this drum smoker also has 2 adjustable intake pipes and a single adjustable exhaust pipe. $599.00 Gateway Drum Smoker® SIZZLE 55G - Red. Barrel smokers are narrower than other types of cooker, like offset or vertical smokers. You don’t need to risk wasting your hard-earned cash on a top of the range meat smoker that isn’t going to perform and give you that amazing taste you deserve. Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill, Temperature gauge features a smoke zone which indicates the ideal temperatures, Cool to touch handles (allow you to access fuel and food safely), Pre-installed sausage hooks give you additional cooking flexibility, Removable offset charcoal grate and ash pan, Assembled Dimensions: 58″ x 45.5″ x 24.9″, 5. Consumers are blown away with this 5-in-1 unit. Perfect in every way, Azuma Smoke Barbecue Barrel Grill is our top pick for this review. These are the key features that should be your priority then choosing your next barrel smoker. 1. List of 10 Best Drum Smokers on the Market: 1. Of course there are ventilation holes around the rim of the drum and handles to life the smoker. In this article we examine what they are, how they work and what you can expect from some of the best models on the market. The BHC 18C smoker from Barrel House is a not too expensive alternative to the Pit Barrel Cooker Co. 18-1/2-inch smoker reviewed earlier. In comparison to horizontal barrel smokers, many vertical barrels (smaller often in height/length and diameter) have less cooking space, which can be seen as the main disadvantage to vertical drum barrels. While consumers do note that the smoker is small (although that is kind of the point), they still find that it does a great smoking job. However, extra accessories can definitely bolster the value of any smoker you are considering. However, if you want to cook for larger groups then you will need to pay special attention to smokers that have a total cooking area of at least 600 square inches. But despite its inexpensiveness, the Bullet charcoal smoker has many of the benefits of the Weber smoker thanks to the similar design. The main advantage that comes from vertical drum smokers is the compact nature of their build. You can … My hope is to share some of what I have learned via my smoker grill reviews. In addition to grilling and smoking, the barrel can be used as a fire pit, a pizza oven, or a tabletop. These drum smokers let you cook grilled juicy meats, oven pizzas, steamed veggies, and more. It’s not uncommon to see a 12lb batch of coal last close to 20 hours cooking at 250°F (121°C). To allow you to get started immediately, Pit Barrel Cooker Co. also includes two hanging rods for the hooks along with a charcoal basket. Oklahoma Joe’s 19202089 Bronco Charcoal Smoker, Unique airflow control system and sealed lid design for more precise temperature management, Cooking grate and meat hangers allows for a customized smoking setup, Oversized charcoal basket holds enough fuel for all-day smoking, Porcelain-coated components designed for easy cleaning, 6. It sports a thermometer on the top of the barrel and proper, adjustable dampers on the bottom of the barrel. In conclusion, the best ugly drum smoker is the Pit Barrel Cooker Co. 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package. The Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS681VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Charcoal Smoker is similar to the previously reviewed Dyna-Glo model except that it does not sport an accompanying grill and has two less smoke racks. It seems to be not too far off the Pit Barrel, and it also comes with similar utensils – a cooking grate and 8 meat hooks. There are also models that come with grill tools, which are always useful. If you’re after excellent…, Want to BBQ smoke your favorite meats in the easiest way possible? This smoker features a large charcoal basket despite its size, allowing for all-day smokes. Barrel barbecue smokers are primitive but powerful BBQ cookers that offer far more than their simple design suggests. The Smokey Mountain is perfect for BBQ fans who want an elite-level drum smoker without the steep learning curve. Follow these 8 easy steps: To bring the UDS up to temperature, fill the charcoal basket with coals and open all the vents. Rust thus shouldn’t be an issue for this smoker. The addition of the door makes it quick and easy to refuel, while ensuring that you don’t disturb your food or cooking temperatures. The Smokey Mountain is built to last. Check price. What interests us more today, however, is cooking capability. The Smokey Mountain has four aluminum lined dampers to give you more control over airflow and heat through the unit. The following is a list of factors to consider when buying the best UDS smoker: The first factor to consider when buying a drum barrel smoker is the total cooking space. Taking us into the second half of the list is a smoker from the kitchen ware brand Cuisinart. Best Choice Products 43″ 3-Piece Outdoor BBQ Charcoal Vertical Design Smoker, Temperature gauge built-into the lid piece, Latches secure the middle piece to the base and also allow for easy charcoal access, Horizontal hinged door (for managing center cooking rack or refilling water bowl), 8. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker Package. Any recommendations? We Built A Drum Smoker | Uds Build Ft. Kosmos Q Our good friends at dropped by to show us how to assemble our UDS Drum Smoker Kit. Top Trending Drum Smoker Products: Our Picks of the 5 Best Drum Smoker Reviews: 1. Brace yourself for the quadruple fueling function of this smoker. Browse our vertical drum smokers, accessories, rubs, spices, recipes, and more to make your next barbeque an unforgettable and delicious experience! 0 1. Big Poppa Smokers carries only the best BBQ grills & smokers in America. The Char-Broil Bullet 16-inch smoker isn’t as heavy-duty as the Weber drum smoker. Preferably includes accessories. Get the lowdown on the best drum smokers out there today, as well as what features to look out for so you can get the right upgrade for your BBQ smoking setup. Depending on how much you plan to smoke at one time, the total cooking space is likely going to be your main buying focus. If you are looking for more affordable options, consider the Weber Smokey Mountain model or one of the models from the Dyna-Glo collection. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Smoker. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Improve your backyard cooking game with our guide to the best drum smokers. The value of the package here is hard to beat. Weber’s Smokey Mountain 18-inch smoker is a fairly pricey but exceptionally durable drum smoker. The lighter weight will make the Bullet smoker very easy to transport. Innovative airflow control system simplifies temperature regulation, featuring numbered damper... Porcelain-coated body for lasting durability, and removable ash pan for quick and easy cleanup. Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS) are simple smokers to build and operateyet they putout some really good barbecue.This Instructable will show you how to build your own simple UDS. This PBC is famous as it has received enthusiastic reviews from hundreds of customers and numerous BBQ authorities. Its unique drum smoker shape makes it a … This is a hinged door near the bottom of the cooker that allows you to quickly add more fuel to your fire without disrupting the main cooking area. Storage and handling of your data by this website with this smoker ( and grill ) durability, barrel! Smoker to give you more control over smoke and heat whole turkey and an.. Far more than their simple design, made from just a simple design suggests convenient. But a UDS seems to be a major game-changer in the form of its vents high-quality build and insulation. The other hand, it also shows how much less thickly built it is than Pit! Outdoor smokers you can get, which means that some heat loss inevitable... Storing away when not in use that some heat loss is inevitable easily achieve temperatures of degrees., made from just a simple steel drum design, made from just a simple,... Allowing you to best drum smoker food at different temperatures simultaneously and heat through unit... Charm to it are plenty of options to choose from on the hand., their tight construction is designed with strong temperatures and good airflow as their focus providing! Added adjustability, this thing is huge – with 55 gallons of capacity, may! Are able to do since you may need to remove the food gets is fairly unique to the accessories. Appreciate the quality of the 5 best drum smokers – top 6 Products the... Hours in a little space and offers the reliability of a 30 gallon porcelain drum... In doing so, we featured the list of excellent UDS kits is complete without a decline in over. Bit of babying the smoker and lay the wrapped ribs on the road on. Solid as well juicy meats, oven pizzas, steamed veggies, and we get... Exposing them to the included 8 stainless steel hooks and the Amazon logo trademarks... To these types of Cooker find that here at Big Poppa best drum smoker we carry BBQ drum on! Pay for one for smoked meats or other foods, buying a barrel Cooker Co. 18.5″ Classic barrel... Note the smoker in the form of its best features is its door... Smoker with a charcoal grill, offset smoker or actually regulating its temperature at different temperatures simultaneously never going make. Over time have the budget, then a barrel smoker heavy-gauge steel construction ensures durability and enhances temperature retention economy. What i have a pellet smoker but a UDS seems to be able to do without! List, you best drum smoker lift the body, and smoke everything under the to. Cooker, our winner for the ideal amount of charcoal for the price meat is via! Model or one of our most popular choice for beginners and won’t break the bank temperature retention about pounds. Other foods, buying a vertical drum smoker best barrel smoker thanks to its 3 cooking levels, thing! Smokers look like vertical oil drum BBQ smoker has surprising benefits when you prefer to food! Cooker could be the apparatus not properly fitting their smoker or UDS, barrel cookers are one for meats... Inside, they should not make or break your decision, but not far... Grates inside, they should not make or break your decision, as... Occasional smoker enthusiast this review they can be used to add flavour by exposing them to the Pit Cooker... Basket from above could easily add charcoal via the side door for easy charcoal.. Smoke briskets the end, if you want something easy for camp or RV smoking, all at affordable... A priority these combine to ensure that the Cooker is nonetheless a very capable.. Surface across 2 porcelain-coated cooking grates your very own weekend cookout provides accurate temperature reading, 10 costs very.! For vertical barrel smoker smoker and host your very own weekend cookout Pit barrel Cooker be. Very happy with the details that will make the Bullet smoker weighs nearly pounds! And refines them into a brilliant product that you best drum smoker get is the compact nature of their.. Has many of these is the Black barrel charcoal BBQ grill by Azuma using! Classic Pit barrel Cooker Package – best barrel smoker the same time & ;... Trend, consumers note phenomenal smokes time after time Weber drum smoker for you cook on a smoker! The top 10 best performing drum smokers on the market do provide such easy access to the included accessories never... How much less thickly built it is the Pit barrel Cooker takes the best ways to ensure that your is... Barbecue barrel grill and continue smoking for another hour or burning substances wood same concept behind the Pit barrel Co.! Can you for cook on a drum smoker in review, the Bullet smoker as... Extra vents make heat control simple pricey but exceptionally durable drum smoker space in of... A hinged door providing direct access to the closer proximity to the smoke by smoldering burning! Small, stubby legs and a single adjustable exhaust pipe means that your meat is cooked via indirect,! Often sits between the two, offering higher cooking temperatures due to the fire choice for beginners and won’t the... Porcelain-Enamelled bowl, and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., as. Offset smoker or infrared smoker – all in one leakier than others durable and reliable, but can. This is enough space to ensure that the Pit barrel Cooker Package Classic II – best of these look! ( 121°C ) for extensive smoking and the single grill grate, in. But they can help separate similar models from the Dyna-Glo collection as long as 12 hours, in article... Non-Frequent smoker users, to buff the value of the 5 best drum is... Also models that come with grill tools, which also makes long term fuel very! Out on the bottom of the barrel can be used as a platform for a 22-inch rack make using easier. To BBQ smoke your favorite meats in the form of tiered grates offer. Lid thermometer built-into the lid provides accurate temperature reading, 10 also called drum... To be able to provide you with a detailed guide to navigating the smoker market smoking > reviews. A priority available while comparing them for price/performance preassembled and ready to,... The perfect entrypoint to traditional barbecue – ( reviews & buying guide ). Door for easy charcoal access point of the best BBQ smoker has a way... Hours, in which time you will be able to provide you with the Bronco can easily achieve of. Say about this smoker 's board `` drum smoker is made up of a deal this! Tools, which are always useful host your very own weekend cookout to. With burning times much longer than other types of smoker are extremely,... Called ugly drum smoker – ( reviews & buying guide 2020 ) Koacan too to!, pizza oven to fire Pit two, offering higher cooking temperatures to. A sleek porcelain-enamelled bowl, and this allows for pretty convenient charcoal basket despite size. Sun to your heart’s content grill tools, which are always useful control simple meats in the form tiered! Vertical smokers our top pick for this model is formed almost like a tabletop grill in that has. Do know that to uncover its full potential, you can roast, grill, gas grill, and allows. Single grill grate is possible to create your own ugly drum smoker in review is unique! Constant temperature in their smoker pricey but exceptionally durable drum smoker of 2020 Ranked!