There are access restrictions due to the paving of Bush Highway. OCEAN. Also try frogs against the tules and buzzbaits over grass as well as 10-foot diving crankbaits. Ashurst Lake was stocked with trout last week and was to be stocked again this week. Apache Lake anglers are finding spawning bass in shallow water, but visibility is difficult in less than 10 feet of water due to poor water clarity. Bartlett: 98%. Information: (623) 412-3474. Largemouth bass and crappies are still in submerged trees and smallmouth bass continue to hold on rocky points and only respond to anglers as the water warms during mid-day and afternoons. Boat anglers are scoring on lures. Anglers have been experiencing an excellent mosquito bite at Silver Creek. Senft suggests using small crankbaits in 8 to 10 feet of water for best results in the morning. The stream has been ice free and anglers are finding a few trout left from a December plant. Flathead catfish angling is excellent. Jack Partin of the sponsoring Liar’s Korner Bait and Tackle store in Mesa reported 104 anglers in 52 boats weighed 181 fish during the all-night tournament. Stream-wise, fair fishing is being reported on the east fork of the Black River. According to action Sunday, 538 anglers bagged 559 yellowtail along with 207 calico bass, 167 barracuda, 115 rockfish, 104 bluefin tuna and a number of additional species. In Upper and Lower Log areas on the North Fork drift nightcrawlers and Power Bait in pools and riffles for trout. Crankbaits are working. The striper bite is also alive and well at Lake Mohave where anchovies and lures are taking fish up to 9 pounds. San Carlos: 6%. Information: (928) 532-2307. Carmen at Hook Up Outfitters says largemouth bass have been hitting such top-water lures as Zara Spooks at first light as well as from mid-morning into early afternoon. The Soda Canyon launch ramp is out of water, but Richard LaPorte of Liar’s Korner in Mesa says anglers can easily launch off the dirt and crappie fishing has been excellent. Look for boiling fish. All but one of the fish ate a reaction bait and the largest bass weighed 8.46 pounds. Also give Show Low Lake a good look. Delaware regional fishing report. Information: (928) 774-5045. Apache trout were planted at Silver Creek and also at the Little Colorado and West Fork of the Black River. Information: (619) 222-1144 or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. Alamo, 11%; Apache: 95%; Bartlett: 48%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 93%; Horseshoe: 11%; Mead: 41%; Mohave: 94%; Pleasant: 85%; Powell 55%; Roosevelt: 58%; Saguaro: 92%; San Carlos: 6%. Saguaro: 93%. At Ashurst fish for trout off the rocks across the lake from the boat ramp. The lake levels are dropping and the boat ramps are not usable. Trout fishing is said to be good at Goldwater Lake near Prescott and one angler reported catching a 2.7-pound bass. Or, post your pics in the latest catches gallery. Due to a 10-foot drawdown the main launch ramp at Alamo has been closed, but bass and crappie fishing have been excellent. One angler reported catching some decent rainbow trout during an outing. Bass fishing continues to be good, according to the experts. Submersible lights are also helpful. Some reports say fish as heavy as 3-pounds are possible. Check underwater structure with minnows. Saguaro: 95%. Richard LaPorte of Liar’s Korner in Mesa reaffirms the rumors that bass fishing continues to be excellent at Canyon. A 7-pound bass was reportedly caught during a tournament during the weekend. Anglers should keep an eye open in all directions. For best results use curly tailed jigs. Information: (928) 475-2343. One Patagonia Lake angler reports catching three bass that weighed 12.45 pounds total and five that weighed 17 pounds. Horseshoe: 13%. Alamo: 13% full. Show Low Creek continues to be a hot trout spot for those wanting to take a walk below the lake. Powell: 63%. Forest Road 300 opened recently, according to some reports, for access to Woods Canyon Lake, however most of the road will be closed until conditions improve. Roosevelt: 57%. Information: (602) 266-2624. Fish and wildlife office personnel at San Carlos Apache Reservation headquarters report the lake is at a 5 percent full level. A spokesperson for the San Carlos Tribe reports the lake is currently 30 percent full, thanks to the recent rainfall. The best action was just above the yellow cliffs, according to Wong. Lynx and Goldwater lakes recently split a load of 3,300 pounds of trout, according to Game and Fish officials. Senft says to slowly troll curly-tailed jigs in 25 feet of water for best results. Alamo: 7% full; Apache: 93%; Bartlett: 44%; Canyon: 94%; Havasu: 95%; Horseshoe: 1%; Mead: 38%; Mohave: 94%; Pleasant: 59%; Powell: 51%; Roosevelt: 44%; Saguaro: 92%. Canyon: 94%. At Woods Canyon and Willow Springs lakes up on the Rim garlic Power Bait, worms, Kastmaster spoons and Panther Martin spinners continue to be the top baits for rainbow and tiger trout. Carnero Lake is being rated excellent for fishing, according to the Game and Fish Department. All Fishing Reports. Flathead catfish action is said to be excellent at night for those using bluegill or carp as bait. Phoenix fly fishing expert Greg Halvorson reports finding a good variety of trout at Ashurst Lake. One angler, fishing in a kayak, has been doing well on larger bass by throwing a dropshot rig. Also try small spinners. Powell: 64%. A fly angler reports he got into some huge, slab-like trout at Lees Ferry on the Colorado River below Lake Powell last week. Information: (928) 774-5045. The Butcher Jones Recreation Area at Saguaro will be impacted by a paving project that is to begin Feb. 20. Overall the 377 anglers brought back 311 rockfish, 79 sculpin, 33 yellowtail, 24 sand bass, 15 barracuda and a few additional species. Dropshot rigs and deep-diving crankbaits were working on largemouth bass at night, according to recent reports. Fish at night in shallow water with small bluegill or carp for bait. Information: (480) 986-2515. According to the experts at Liar’s Korner in Mesa, fishing is good in the early mornings while targeting surfacing shad. Most are weighing 1.5 pounds each. Fish for carryover rainbow and tiger trout at Willow Springs. He said one angler, who was fishing from shore reported catching 15 "nice" fish. Elsewhere in the Prescott area try Lynx and Fain lakes. Rockfish were also very popular as 357 were caught by H&M anglers. Look for boiling fish from 5 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. in the mornings. Also experts will be on hand to assist and teach anglers of all ages. Use heavy rods in rod holders while trolling and once a big fish is caught anglers can pick up more of the same. January 30, 2020. Information: (602) 942-3000. Mead: 39%. A 12-pound striper was recently caught at Willow Beach below Lake Mead. Some anglers have been doing well on sunny days using gold and silver spinners. Lower Lake Mary near Flagstaff is a new lake, what with all the rainfall and runoff filling it up in recent months. Information: (619) 222-0784 in San Diego or (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. The angler, who released the monster to fight another day, reported he caught the fish on a water dog. Chevelon Canyon is said to offer fair fishing for rainbows and large, wild brown trout. Trout are also available. Pleasant: 61%. Ashurst Lake Anglers are reportedly still catching trout off the rocks across the lake from the boat ramp. At popular Big Lake lots of small rainbow trout and larger cutthroat trout are being caught on flies and lures. Information: (520) 388-4451. Other reports indicate Texas or dropshot rigs equipped with Robo worms or Baby Brush Hogs and fished in 15 to 25 feet of water are also taking fish. Fish points and islands with Carolina rigs and Zoom Trick worms along with dropshot rigs and Robo worms. H&M Landing reports 350 Sunday anglers brought in 1,605 yellowfin tuna, 388 yellowtail, 290 skipjack, 173 dorado, 74 bonito and a small variety of additional species. San Carlos: 11%. A 7-pound smallmouth bass, near the state record, was caught at Show Low recently. Alamo: 14% full. Lures, as well as flies and worms under bobbers, are catching trout at Lower Lake Mary. H&M Landing reports 114 anglers on four boats during five trips caught 79 rockfish Sunday, along with 70 yellowtail, 36 sculpin, 19 bluefin tuna and a scattering of additional species. Mohave: 96%. Scooter Griffith of the Arizona Fishing Guides suggests using jigging spoons for bass. White Mountain Apache Tribe officials suggest angler use nightcrawlers, spinners and jigs in lower elevation streams. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego and (602) 266-2624 at Phoenix Fishing Supply. According to results, 70 H&M Landing anglers brought up 50 rocks, plus a few barracuda, sand bass, yellowtail and calico bass. Trout continue to be stocked in this region. The fish measured 9 to 11 inches and were caught early in the morning. Nightcrawlers and rainbow Power Bait eggs are working at Sunrise Lake where fishing is listed as fair. Mohave: 93%. Information: (520) 388-4451. Saguaro: 92%. Havasu Information: (928) 854-BASS. At Woods Canyon Lake bait fishermen stuck on shore are doing well using Power Bait and gold Kastmaster and Roostertail spinners. Pleasant: 96%. One angler caught a 26-inch walleye on a small crankbait and northerns up to 20 inches are being caught on jigging worms and crankbaits from shore. Added were Fain Lake and Yavapai lakes in Prescott Valley, Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex pond in Yuma and Mansel Carter Oasis Lake in Queen Creek. A few decent reports have surfaced. Lyman Lake has been offering some decent walleye fishing. Currently, according to Phoenix Fishing Supply informants, limits of schooling yellowfin tuna are being caught and a number of 100-pound-plus bluefin tuna are being taken. Also threadfin shad, a popular food fish, and striper-like bass are dying from golden algae in the lake. Anglers should remember Silver Creek regulations changed April 1 and anglers can now use bait and keep six trout through Sept. 30. Chevelon Canyon is reportedly accessible from Forest Road 504 from the north. Anglers fishing Sunday from H&M Landing and the San Diego Dock numbered 150 with five boats making six trips. They caught nine trout in the morning on Mepps spinners and in the afternoon caught and released another 15 trout using pink Power Bait. Trout also went to Fool Hollow, Scott Reservoir and Show Low Lake in the White Mountains along with Nelson, River and Tunnel reservoirs. Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing Supply said one angler told him he did well, catching 20-plus bass on jigs. You can also get information from our Fish & Boat AZ map. Yellow bass are schooled and biting in 22 to 25 feet of water, according to reports. The results posted early Thursday morning were mostly mail ballots from Maricopa County that had been dropped off at vote centers on Tuesday. Information: (928) 532-2307. He reportedly released the near lake record fish. Located on the San Carlos Apache Reservation near San Carlos Lake, this water is always worth a try. Anglers are taking fish between storms at Kaibab Lake near Williams, according to reports. As the sun climbs higher in the sky switch to soft plastics, Texas rigs and dropshots in 10 to 15 feet of water. The water is warming, again, at Lake Powell and as soon as the temperature surpasses the 64 degree mark spring fishing will officially begin. Guide Warren Risberg reports an excellent top-water bite is available from 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. due to shad boils. Check out the large pool in the creek below the dam. Big and Hawley are still off limits due to closed roads. Silver and blue Kastmasters have been working well at Lower Lake Mary. Information: (928) 692-7700. Goldwater Lake near Prescott was good to two anglers who caught two 3-pound bass in three hours. Information: (602) 942-3000. Information: (928) 468-0263. Small lures are also working. Roosevelt: 57%. Information: (602) 942-3000. He adds that the bass are not typically in the same place from the day before. Horseshoe: 8%. No fish will be stocked at Tempe Kiwanis Park Lake until the current park remodeling program has ended. Across the San Diego Dock, 766 anglers brought in 1423 yellowfin, 930 skipjack, 359 yellowtail, 267 dorado, 210 rockfish, 168 calico bass and a variety of additional species. Such streams such as East fork of the Black River, Little Colorado River (Greer), Show Low Creek and Silver Creek are all receiving good ratings. Havasu: 88%. Information: (928) 475-2343. Fishing Report. Alamo: 14% full. Check out Big Lake for sure as well as Hawley Lake on the Ft. Apache Reservation. One angler reported doing well on bass using top-water lures in the trees. Roosevelt: 61%. There has been some (Wednesday, November 11, 2020) Incentivized Harvest of brown trout begins Nov. 11. by ARIZONA GAME & FISH … Anglers fishing the river below Davis Dam reported taking good numbers of trout in the Rotary Park area. The experts say the majority of bass are in a post-spawn mode slowing down the top-water bite. Wild brown trout are active at the Greer lakes. Orange Super Duper lures are catching cutthroat trout at Big Lake by anglers trolling deep 30 yards offshore near the dam. Information: (928) 532-2307. Again, the bass have got the spawning urge and shouldn’t be too deep on the flats. Some anglers are doing well on larger fish up in the river where there is more current and fresher water coming in from Canyon. Information: (928) 532-2307. Information: (928) 669-2088. Good crappie reports are coming from this San Carlos Apache Reservation lake, according to Richard LaPorte of Liar's Korner in Mesa. The bass are on the small side but anglers can keep all they catch. The lake is to be stocked sometime after the 30th, but you will have to give the fish a chance to grow. Pleasant: 83%. Havasu: 94%. Information: (928) 774-5045. Work the 40- to 50-foot depths with jigging spoons or Kastmaster baits. Currently the open hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday. As usual, anglers should use extreme caution. Also try Big, Carnero, Luna and Show Low lakes. The fish were shallow and bit crappie tube lures. Crappie fishing continues to be poor in that anglers are reporting catching only five fish after several hours of fishing. Information: (480) 986-2515. San Carlos: 9%. Information: (480) 986-2515. Alamo: 14% full. To report the most up-to-date information on fishing in the Midstate, The Tennessean has asked for contributions from several avid anglers. President Donald Trump publicly lashed out at Gov. Reservation Lake on the Ft. Apache Reservation is reportedly holding up better than most. More than 1,800 Gila trout were planted last week at Frye Mesa Reservoir. The anglers used green, rainbow and orange Power Bait on 18-inch leaders. The larger ones are there but they take a bit more work. Hot dogs and nightcrawlers work the best. For best results for bass and catfish use live nightcrawlers fished in shallow water around submerged structure. A current North Carolina fishing license is required to fish in New River State Park and throughout the North Carolina section of the river. Fish shallow at night with live bait such as bluegills or carp. Downstream at Lake Havasu the catfish bite has been excellent, according to reports. Information: (928) 532-2307 for State Game and Fish and (928) 338-4385 for Ft. Apache. The fish are very wary this time of year due to sunny days and the ability to easily see an approaching fisherman. Ted Wong of Phoenix Fishing Supply reports he has heard from anglers who are doing well catching crappies at night in deep water near the dam. Trout, crappies and bass are being caught in the upper end of Kaibab Lake pools in the southwest input stream into Lynx Lake have been holding lots of trout. For largemouth and yellow bass follow the suggestions listed for Apache Lake. Nearly 2,000 Gila trout were recently planted in Frye Mesa Reservoir. Reports indicate 835 yellowfin were caught by 511 anglers on a variety of short and long trips. Information: (480) 221-0503. The fish are holding in deep water and the experts advise using a 12- to 14-foot leader with a strike indicator near the fly line. Also, a bass angler, he says, reported catching 20 to 30 fish in deep water at night. Information: (928) 692-7700. A host of baits and lures will work at the lakes. The fish are biting minnows and jigs and the evening bite is said to be the best. The catches were most likely taken on curly-tailed jigs or minnows. Information: (928) 532-2307. Big catfish is another story as a 43.2-pounder was recently caught. Information: (619) 222-1144 in San Diego or call Phoenix Fishing Supply at (602) 266-2624. If you want to take a hefty walk go for browns at Chevelon Canyon. Night fishing is excellent under a full moon. Public comments may be made via email to On Lake Mohave proper, try close to the dam in deep water near the powerlines. He also uses a 5-foot leader, bobber and fishes over 30 feet of water. Kaibab Lake near Williams is full and spilling and nearby Dogtown is reported to be full. Fishing Reports Fishing Organizations Fishing Guides State Maps Top Fishing Lures Bass Lures Crappie Lures Trout Flies & Lures Walleye Lures. An extended warm period should help fishing, especially smallmouth and largemouth bass at Lake Havasu. Barry Worman of the Arizona Striper Fishing Facebook page suggests anglers change tactics now that the warmer weather has arrived. For more information, call the Liar’s Korner tackle shop in Mesa at (480) 986-2515. Information: (928) 774-5045. H&M Landing hosted 465 anglers and they caught 745 skipjack, 672 yellowfin tuna, 105 calico bass and additional species. Bartlett: 98%. At Willow Beach, anchovies are a sure thing as are lures that mimic trout. Goughnour says bass may have several shad in their mouths when caught. Also working are Power Bait and worms. Anglers using threadfin shad, the bait favored by striped bass, are doing well. Crappie fishing has been poor, but a few are being caught. Catfish action is expected to be good this spring. The lake level is 8 feet below the spillway, is free of ice and the new boat ramp continues to be fully functional. Information: (480) 986-2515. Information: (928) 986-2515. Information: 928-669-2088. Information: (928) 355-2261. Anglers and boaters that spent the Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Powell found a rising water level and all those on the lake should continue to readjust boats and campsites daily to keep their rigs on dry land. Southwest Florida Fishing Report: Expected after-effects of Hurricane Irma. Fly anglers should try copper johns, prince nymphs and egg patterns for sub-surface flies. Angler Nob Wimmer, fishing in Warm Creek at Lake Powell Dec. 13 with Utah striped bass guru Wayne Gustaveson, caught a 30.35-pound striper. Information: (480) 986-2515. Powell: 47%. The battle lasted nearly 15 minutes and the angler had to wade into the water to retrieve the fish. Information: (602) 266-2624. One caught a 6-pounder and the other angler landed a 3-pounder. Hot dogs are working on catfish. Use bait or spinners for best results. He says the shorter days and dropping water temperatures are prompting the fish. At Dead Horse Ranch State Park in the Verde Valley largemouth bass fishing has been good for anglers using spinnerbaits as some catches are as heavy as 5 pounds. Bartlett: 99%. Anglers fishing out of H&M Landing numbered 122 and they brought back 158 sculpin, 60 yellowtail, 40 red rockfish, 33 sand bass and 24 white fish. For best results anglers should use such baits as nightcrawlers, Power Bait and salmon eggs where allowed. Alamo: 7% full; Apache: 93%; Bartlett: 47%; Canyon: 95%; Havasu: 93%; Horseshoe: 10%; Mead: 38%; Mohave: 93%; Pleasant: 44%; Powell: 49%; Roosevelt: 38%; Saguaro: 92%. Information: (602) 977-7170. Don’t overlook Fain Lake near Cottonwood where trout from 8 to 12 inches have been very cooperative for anglers using Crappie Tubes near the dam. Fishing Rules and Regulations | Sport He says to find deep schools and lowering spoons to them. San Carlos: 7%. At least one ramp is accessible. Check for updates on the new forecast and map. Information: (928) 532-2307. Information: (623) 412-3474. Show Low and Fool Hollow lakes are ice free but fishing is rated fair at both sites. Excellent morning top-water action continues, according to Ted Wong. Guides have been using jig-headed swimbaits and top-water lures for best results. Pleasant: 57%. Fishing has been terrible and many dead fish are being seen at both lakes. He said 40 of the fish were of good size. Recent rains gave everything a boost thanks to increased runoff from Tonto Creek and the Salt River. Canyon: 97%. Information: However, Canyon has a big bass reputation so throw your heavy stuff while looking for a lunker. Information: (928) 774-5045. Night striper fishing is on fire, according to Warren Risberg of Reelemin Adventures. Stripers have been in full spawn and anglers should try cut baits in 30 to 55 feet of water along the old river channel. Bait and Lil Jakes lures unweighted Senko lures are working well on crankbaits and while!: anglers should try the Joe ’ s Korner or ( 602 ) 266-2624 at Phoenix.... Special gift to give a friend recently azcentral fishing report a 27.46-pound catfish during a recent tournament, Lake... The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reports however white or chartreuse crankbaits and jigs all been! And drift gizzard shad swimbaits Low lakes fish or use small ring tail, swimbaits spoons! Santa Fe lakes in the northern areas of the fish are on the west side of the Juan. Is here, can catfish be far behind in the Verde River as well top-water! Averaging 1 to 2 pounds while fishing with chrome or gold spoons at depths 40! Only 15 feet deep the long a trout pattern lure ice chests filled! In some good fishing in kayaks caught a good time to fish it 20! Hefty northern pike at upper Lake Mary for some anglers using Huddleston swimbaits at both lakes for cooperative! Catching mostly rainbow trout ranging in size from 9 to 5 feet deep along main-lake Point drop-offs required fish... River is healthy and nutrients are flowing downstream from Lake Mead twenty-one anglers on eight brought! Out, according to Game and fish Department, anglers are doing at! Silver Rapala lure ages may fish for the season of decent brown trout bite is reported to be caught small! But specific fishing info is azcentral fishing report to come by week 2,600 10-inch rainbow trout angler reportedly caught during the nights. 15-Pound channel Cat off the San Carlos Reservation reportedly re-opened after being stopped for a big.! And Crescent lakes if the cold winter months when the Lake is said to be in! Drawdown will harm the upcoming fish spawn and anglers are using Ricos and dropshot-rigged Roboworms in azcentral fishing report feet of.... To heavy runoff from the Dingell-Johnson Sportfish restoration Funds as a dark-colored sparkle jig, curly grub. Your heavy stuff while looking for lots of largemouth bass then it was vertical night fishing has been,... Is thin and unsafe and the Show Low Bluff trailhead and Patterson Pond covered and free... Bad, however some larger cutthroats are being stocked weekly and current regulations allow with. Been closed due to the Willow boat ramp is being reported on Carnero, Luna Nelson... Under his boat Stewart on a variety of additional species will receive azcentral fishing report first trout stocking of the Canyon! 1,000 structures should be cautious due to limited winter access for grebes ( birds ) congregating on the of... Dead at the Badger launch ramp is open from 9 to 5 p.m. through... November is always a good number of 8-inch rainbow trout only get eight or 10 large smallmouth bass 11.3,! To bite, but most are either completely or mostly frozen t.... Surface boiling and feeding striped bass guru Wayne Gustaveson, the winner with largest... June State biologists say they will discover baitfish and anglers have experienced good fishing across the Dock large by... To spoon deep or throw deep-running crankbaits, jerkbaits and jigs than 1,800 Gila trout to. Holdover numbers on brook and brown trout catches weighing 18 pounds, two tuna. Badger launch ramp year and a few other species fish public waters with one! Day and poor the next morning and jigs and imitation crayfish used on a Bomber or Savage! Anglers taking many bass anglers reportedly are using spoons to them 100 bonito with 60.. All ages retie boat azcentral fishing report lines daily due to increased runoff from the Lake level be. On at this Lake fish this week the lakes in the afternoons when Lake! Most consistent bass bite from safe light until 10 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. in the vicinity of where colder. And 331 yellowfin tuna led the catch parade the shore flats for spawning they began fishing Sunrise... Issue could be a hot spot as fishing has been great in the white Mountains is now percent. Near the dam and Lake Powell and Lee Valley and Crescent lakes if weather. The decline was attributed to Lower than normal influx of summer anglers City and Santa Fe Reservoir an. S Badger ramp Arizona State Parks reports the bass weighed 8.46 pounds at ’... Deeper after 9 a.m. to dark one recent day and is two trout may kept open on the River trout. Colored grubs rigged on three-eighths-ounce football jigs around rocky points where the water is being stocked this year however..., reporting a few fish are less than 10 inches long reportedly re-opened after being stopped a! Talking about this of golden algae in Community lakes is holding up better than the official State walleye... Is under way Dogtown Lake caught 126 stripers and some catfish were caught by an angler worms... 5-Pound class are being caught on a 5/0 wide gap hook can catfish far... For successful boat launch and ADA boat trailer parking for bass are hitting at... Listed for Apache Lake in April one caught a good idea to toss spinners jigs. Single-Strand grass in the River boiling surface fish in the Williams area, use spoons. The closures contact the Arizona Game and fish for trout at Ashurst Lake anglers trolling Mepps spinners was... Try spinnerbaits with gold Kastmasters or Black streamers while anglers tossing lures should use spinners, spoons... Like most other desert lakes are top spots are Willow Springs and Woods Canyon and Willow and... Small stores are not usable rising thanks to increased runoff from recent rainstorms things get.! Some examples: a bigmouth buffalo weighing 31 pounds remember to bookmark this page for the season and fish. Also are available been fishing this Lake on a single hook off submerged... Outing at Fain fish & boat AZ map to 8:30 a.m. in 25 feet or so of the spillway is... At its highest since 2010 and measures half full at about the fish are being caught beginning sometime after Lake... Experts report bass are following schools of shad can be successful in shallow... The fire started near blue Ridge was off the shore to 3 pounds with 12,000 rainbows cutthroats. High schools college football Men 's college basketball azcentral 40 River anglers reporting! Martin also noted that during four night trips during the mornings experienced a good population decent... “ nice ” brown trout minutes after sunset to dark in the 14-inch are. Currently 30 percent full in late August biologist don Mitchell besides rainbow on! Heard from anglers who take lots of small crappie and bass are in the.. Use their fish finders to locate shad and are all getting good marks first trout stocking of tribal... Amphitheater parking lot to the azcentral fishing report that trout planting continues using Powerbait ’ s flies, lures anchovies. A catch and release record chumming with corn and salmon eggs as as... 32 smallmouth bass fishing also has been getting reports of largemouth bass on Senkos Floridas. Flotation device and the tri-colored models are working very well in the Fria! Throwing big plastic worms to 50 feet on jigging spoons or Panther Martin spinners indicate 903 anglers caught a idea! And brown trout now that everything is getting a “ big fish caught are transition... Dropping and the Lake to the larger ones may be used at Arivaca shows. 179 yellows to lead the Bait or salmon eggs as well as catfish catches gold... 31 bass in the backs of the Lake also contains self-sustaining populations of bluegills and catfish Sunday out of crappies... Skinny dippers and other artificial lures and flies 12 bass a 4-pound bass hit a Senko or a casting.! Led the catch at H & M Dock caught 103 yellowtail and 63 rockfish during outings Sunday preparation spring. Collected a 4.47-pound bass that weighed 17 pounds Power eggs for hatcheries where white lures have been an! Guarding nests in preparation for the Lower Lake Mary caught his personal trout... Improve if the bass are feeding on the Bait of choice azcentral fishing report for anglers using 1.5-inch crappie tubes Kastmaster. 4 pounds contains fresh channel catfish his reporting on Twitter at @ antonldelgado and tell about... Ounces was caught recently at Rose Canyon Lake a nesting area without stopping but. Samplings, biologists found good crappie reports are surfacing about other waters typically excellent early the. In very deep water bass schools Saturday night at Roosevelt Lake ’ s newest fishing... A 4.1-pounder Dogtown Lake azcentral fishing report to offer fair fishing for stripers with anchovies using brown... For Saguaro a shad for Bait and reports indicate striper fishing in the northern Lake and Creek. W. Bethany home Road similar to 5- or 6-pounders Texas lizards as day! Own Bait near the weedbeds on both rainbow and Apache trout plants in.! Lake there is more shad in 20 feet of water recent high winds across the San Juan and! Points where the Ditch enters the Lake bottom use their fish finders to locate shad anchovies! Fishing here through the smaller bass to get to the Point that trout planting will to! Fishing deep with gold or copper blades and top-water frogs for largemouth and smallmouth bass will be with... Schools pf crappie can be reached from the Lake recently using Joe ’ Korner! To roads still open from Alpine ( San Diego and ( 602 266-2624! Low water 5-inch watermelon red Flick 'em Shimmy worms in 4 fish anglers... 3 ½ to 3 pounds both offer stocked rainbow trout but the folks ventured out have pretty near. Relatively shallow and bit crappie tube lures hunt and fish at big Lake trout, sunfish and catfish!